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Why Choose the Resuscitation Group?

  • We Are an Accredited American Heart Association National Training Center
  • We Are a Licensed Vocation and Post-Secondary School in the Great State of Washington
  • We Offer Certification and Diploma Programs for Various Healthcare Areas

Our Trainers Are More Than Teachers, They’re Healthcare Specialists

The Resuscitation Group’s team of healthcare specialists provide advanced and customized healthcare education and training solutions to our clients. By utilizing high quality, unique course offerings, and a competitive variety of services we can offer exclusive healthcare education training to both our United States and international clients through online and onsite sessions.

Our Programs Include

  • Anesthesia Assistant
  • Resuscitation Officer
  • Introduction to Critical Care
  • Ultrasound Technician
  • All AHA Certification Programs

Our Partners

Current Concepts in Resuscitation

  • Incorporates the ILCOR Education and Science Recommendations, The IHCA AHA Conesus Recommendations, and The Emergency Cardiovascular Care Update objectives
  • Blends Resuscitation’s Unique Environment and Challenges with the Highest Level of United States CMS Guidelines
  • Designed for physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, emergency and critical care nurses, and paramedics

What Clients have to say...

“Selayang Hospital and TOPCOM 2016 International Tabletop and Conference on Disaster Medicine wish to thank Mr. Michael Christie for his vivid and extremely knowledgeable instruction for the Malaysian government during the multiple days of TOPCOM 2016 in Malaysia”
~ Datuk Dr. Mohamed Alwi bin Abdul Rahman