Paramedic Refresher (NREMT and Advanced Practice Paramedic)

Paramedic Refresher (NREMT and Advanced Practice Paramedic)

The Paramedic Refresher is designed to accomplish the goal of NREMT CME hour completion and update the Advanced Provider with the newest research and techniques being applied in the global environment. The course utilizes lecture, case based presentation, simulation, and practical to bring the provider to the highest level of current practice update. The Paramedic Refresher is designed for the paramedic interested in actually expanding their knowledge and skills at the advanced level.

This 32 Hour Paramedic Refresher course meets the intent of the NREMT and USDOT 48 Hour Paramedic Refresher Training Program, as required in Section 1 of the NREMT NRP Requirements (Continuing education topical hours; Paramedic refresher may be completed by continuing education equivalent to a Refresher Course. You may count hours received in lectures and standardized courses and must include both mandatory and flexible content); when united with completion of an 8 hour ACLS Renewal Course and an 8 hour PALS renewal Course (qualifying for 16hrs of mandatory core content).

Get your dream job

Our students are eligible for placement in an advanced resuscitation internship after the program, if they choose to pursue that option.

Practice Dummy

Be the best

Every one of our graduates exits the program having learned advanced practice skills, performed advanced skills, and managed critically ill patients in simulation; few programs in the world can attest to the student experiencing this range experiences in a refresher setting.

Military Veterans!

Not only do we hold military veterans in high regard, many of our instructors have served in military and other government organization roles. We believe strongly in the experience and learning provided by the U.S. Military and provide special focus on cross walking our educational curriculum for military veterans. Military veterans eligible for veteran’s benefits are pre-certified for the program through the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) process.

Meet your match

You will meet your match in this program, if you wish to be the best in the world, this is the place to meet that expectation.

Join our history of excellence

Our program is home to instructors who are among the renowned medical personnel in the county, developers of some of the first special programs in the country, and some of the top medical directors in the country.


Learn from the best

You will learn from international faculty, who “walk the talk” and have held diverse roles in from providers to educators and administrators. Many of our faculty are active researchers in the field; which means we don’t just present the current science, we create it!

Join Now!

Our program only accepts a limited number of students a year into training, the process to obtain a spot is competitive and we suggest registering early to begin the process.