New 8th Edition TNCC is here!

TRG welcomes the new TNCC from ENA

New 8th Edition TNCC is here!

8th Edition TNCC is HERE! 

This 2-day course is taught by qualified emergency nurses, delivering the knowledge, critical thinking skills and hands-on training needed to care for critically injured trauma patients. The overall course objective is to improve trauma patient outcomes by providing nurses with foundational trauma knowledge, skills, and a systematic Trauma Nursing Process to guide trauma patient care.

After taking TNCC, nurses will be able to systematically assess the trauma patient, to intervene and/or assist with interventions, and to provide evidence-based trauma nursing care within the context of a trauma team.

Here’s a glimpse into what you’ll learn:

  • The latest trauma nursing practice recommendations
  • Systematic assessment and application of care
  • Rapid identification of life-threatening injuries

The Resuscitation Group is pleased to present ENA's - Trauma Nurse Core Curriculum (TNCC)  8th Edition. This new and improved edition brings exciting new features and course structure. 

Exciting new features, include:

Virtual learning modules including avatar-based simulation Interactive teaching strategies Electronic, open-book testing - No more test anxiety! Updated evidence-based provider manual One and a half-day course 18.3 contact hours of CNE

The 8th edition brings the most current information to safely and accurately assess and manage the trauma patient. The Resuscitation Group offers the quality learning experience critical care providers demand. 

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