COVID-19 - The Resuscitation Group response

How does this impact your training.

COVID-19 - The Resuscitation Group response

COVID-19 information from The Resuscitation Group. 

With the dynamic changes in our community due to the COVID19 virus, I wanted to provide information about our classes and how The Resuscitation Group is responding. 

1. As of right now, all classes are cancelled until April 24th, by the State of Washington to avoid the risk of exposure to Covid19. 

2. Many Portland-area hospitals are NOT having classes or training program. 

3. EXPIRATIONS – The AHA has offered training centers the ability to extend certification dates by 60 days. Many employers are considering the implications of this and how they’ll construct policies to accommodate such a “Holiday.”

4. Wash your hands and do those things that help reduce the risk for one another. The Resuscitation Group has updated our decontamination process and is using gloves for all classes to minimize exposure. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us directly.   Thank you for your ongoing support.   Rod 855-739-2257  


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