The Emerging World of Ultrasound

Ultrasound touches all aspects of Healthcare

The Emerging World of Ultrasound

Healthcare research continues to reflect how technology impacts patient care. One of the greatest tools to demonstrate these advances is the ultrasound.  

Ultrasound technology has experienced tremendous advances in the last few years and the benefits of its' use are becoming more evident in our daily patient care scenarios. We set out to explore how this technology has grown and why some are resistant to it it. The American College of Emergency Physicians issued a position statement in 2008 (with an update in 2018) describing the uses and application for ultrasound in the emergency setting and how the technology could be applied across the emergency setting, from pre-hospital, to the ED, and other areas of the healthcare community. A 2013 study showed a 90% - 98% success rate with ultrasound guided IV's by nurses in an emergency Department. Respiratory therapy is another healthcare path that sees the advantages of incorporating the ultrasound into their practice. 

There are numerous studies regarding EMS and pre-hospital use of ultrasound, including this article describing a specific trauma application. 

Ultrasound continues to touch many in the healthcare industry. The Resuscitation Group has a credentialed 16-hour basic program designed to exhibit the use of ultrasound in various aspects of patient care, including ultrasound guided IV cannulation. This course is enhanced by the use of live medical models that allow clear demonstration of anatomy and real-time functionality. 


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